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I do have things planned, promise, just need to get motivation.
Peaceful Soul
Here is my second student! The heir of of Peace…

Name: Tony Oliviere

Age: 18

gender: Male

Heir Of: Peace

Powers: Can easily sense others mood, can cause an area to instantly calm down (Still trying to learn how to use that) 

Appearance: He is slightly pale, tealy eyes and blonde, messy hair. 

Personality: Tony is rather quiet but extremely kind. Preferring to look on the bright side of things and see the best in people. He rarely gets violent but isn't afraid to smack some sense into someone, only to feel very bad very quick

Likes: Singing, animals, calm, rain (Makes him feel calm), meditating

Dislikes: Violence, extreme confusion, being lost

Backstory: Tony was born to a single a mother, the result of a drunk one night stand. He was loved regardless, and grew up rather peacefully. Finding out his powers on an accident, telling his mom she seemed upset despite her being good at hiding her feelings. He also easily calmed down a situation that got violent really fast at the store. His mother learned of immortals academy and decided it be best to send him, knowing he'll be good at his future job. They often write to one another.

And here's my male student! How is he Princess-Icicles ?


I'll more than likely upload more on Monday, promise.
Ok, first of all, Merry Christmas! And sorry I haven't been uploading as much, I've been finding it really hard to find any motivation whatsoever but I'll try and upload more!
So Different But So In Love
Here are the parents of Ruby!

Eos Polia: Former king of Faltia, fell in battle. Eos was a kind yet strict prince, falling for a human girl from Ayesha, Quinn O'Ryan. When Quinn was meant to return to Ayesha, she never did. Eos had asked her on a date and the pair dated for four years, when Eos asked her to marry him. He was overjoyed when Ruby was born, the same hair color of her mother's and the eyes of her grandmother, Faltia's former ruler, Queen Kilia who had died in childbirth, Eos knowing her only through his father's stories and pictures around the palace. He perished when his daughter was three years old, never getting the chance to watch her grow up but being able to watch over her.

Quinn Polia (O'Ryan) : Queen regent of Polia, wife of Eos. Quinn is a descendant of what was Ireland on Earth, having a faint accent but can hardly be heard. Sent to Faltia to establish peace between them Ayesha, Quinn never returned to Ayesha. Having falling in love with the prince and started to date, she found a new life on Faltia. Quinn was more of a medic than a fighter but the people of Faltia didn't mind, being happy their prince had someone to stand by his side. When her daughter was born, Quinn fell in love for a second time, having given birth to Ruby NovaLee Polia, Faltia's newest heir. When Eos died, Quinn took the role of ruler, until Ruby marries or Quinn passes away, whichever is to come first. Quinn's found life a bit exciting, having to constantly to travel with her daughter to other planets, it can be tedious but Quinn loves it. There's been a rumor, she's planning a visit to Ayesha, her former home, with her daughter.

Tini PlanetThe-Future-Is-OursGalaxy Heart Bullet

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Ok EVERYTHING BUT a few things are on hold. I've been out for a bit because I didn't have a computer but I got one! I am SOOOO sorry!


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